You Have the Ability to Choose How You View AI.

It is important to look at the positives and not just the negatives when thinking about AI

Author: Dr. Julie. Sorenson, DMFT, MA, LPC

Several industries have growing concerns about AI and robot's artificial intelligence. Questions and chatter are buzzing on how AI could impact our lives in the present and future. Neuromarketing is when people study the brain and what parts can be favorable for manipulation (Rankin, 2023). Many people are on high alert due to the media, podcasts, and news related to AI (Brooks, 2023).

Scientists and experts are working on what AI can do for us and how it could affect our relationships and lives. There is much controversy revolving around this subject. Looking back in history, there were concerns and fears in the development of the light bulb, automobiles, telephones, TV, computers, the internet, cellular phones, and smartphones when they made their way into our daily lives (Comer, 2023). So much has happened with technology within the last 60 years, and for the most part, it has made our lives easier, but not always without additional stressors on our mental health. AI is concerned with a civilization-altering technology, according to Brooks, 2023.


Technological innovations have continually evolved throughout history (Comer, 2023). However, as humans, we have been progressive and adapted throughout history and will continue to evolve and grow with upcoming technological changes. AI can be viewed as the creation of a new way of life, according to (Brooks, 2023). We, as humans, get to raise the questions of how we want AI to benefit us and what we want our world to look like. Brooks, 2023 gives some good insight into potential questions that could be raised as AI is becoming a part of our lives. Such questions posed are:

· What do we want our world to look like?

· How do we want AI to impact our daily lives? How will it make things easier for us?

· As AI evolves, what will that look like?

While AI has benefits, it has created anxiety in some of our population, according to Comer, 2023. Siri, Alexa, and ChatGPT have direct human interactions. Algorithms determine what you are searching, listening to, traveling, and purchasing, leading to people fearing AI (Comer, 2023). These fears and anxieties lead to people going to the worst-case scenario in their minds because of movies like Skynet and Terminator according to Comer, 2023. Comer, 2023 also noted some of the people's concerns related to AI, and they are as follows:

· Change. The internet was a massive change in our history, and many people were initially uncomfortable with the change. Change equals uncertainty, which can cause anxiety.

· Concerns of people losing the ability to make decisions for fear that AI will provide medical diagnosis and treatment, removing doctors and clinicians.

· Fear AI will become too advanced.

· AI has developed quickly, and some people have raised concerns about a lack of control or safety.

· Alarm of job eliminations for fear that robots could take over what humans are doing on a faster and larger scale, leading to financial and economic concerns.

· AIS or AI superintelligence surpasses human intelligence.

· Fright may arise because some humans may not understand AI, which can lead to irrational thoughts.

· Fear AI could get into the wrong hands.

· Security and data breaches can cause alarm.

· Some are concerned about AI's validity, integrity, and reliability and how accurate the data is.


However, with negative concerns, Comer, 2023 also discusses positive benefits that must be considered. When people focus on the negative, they may forget to look at the positive side of the spectrum. A list of positives is provided below, and it is essential to focus on something other than ruination (Comer, 2023).


· Less clerical mistakes within healthcare administration.

· Improvement in assessments, diagnosis, support, and treatment

· Identification of diseases and how to ensure they do not spread.

· Reduction of paperwork

· Decreasing repetitive tasks

· Increasing communication while decreasing conflict

· Increasing the customer service industry

· Increasing safety while decreasing violence and crime.

· Decreasing car and motorcycle accidents

· Increasing the development of new life-saving medicine

It is vital as humans not to allow TV and the media to instill fear in us. Everyone can determine how they want to view AI, but it is here to stay, so it is important not to let irrational thoughts trigger anxiety and fear. If you are struggling with anxiety, fear, and irrational thoughts related to AI, contact a local therapist to assist you. Therapists can provide tools to help in decreasing your anxieties and increasing your mood. Asking for help is okay. You do not need to sit in silence alone. There are people here to help you.


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