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Teletherapy Group is a mental health private practice with office locations in Portage for in-person visits. If you prefer Teletherapy, we provide therapy services to clients throughout the State of Michigan by specializing in using fully HIPAA compliant and secure software designed specifically for you to access therapy in an environment where you feel most comfortable.

Therapy When & Where You Need It.

Whether you prefer in-person visits at our office, at home, or any other private area, we have licensed therapists that will ensure your confidentiality and provide you meaningful services. Teletherapy Group has a team of licensed therapists that have the ability to provide services anywhere in Michigan.  At Teletherapy Group, we’re providing professional therapy services at our office location and through high-quality, real-time video sessions over any type of device, including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

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Creating an account takes only a few steps and is done in minutes. Your information is then stored securely for all future online visits.

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Choose the therapist who works best for you. We’ll show you a list of available providers and their experience before starting your visit.

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Schedule your in-person appointment or secure, high quality streaming video session. See and speak with a therapist in a setting that you feel most comfortable.

Why is Teletherapy Group Better For Me?

It's Professional

All counselors are licensed, accredited professionals. Teletherapy Group allows you to connect with them in a safe and private online environment.

It's Affordable

Some insurances are accepted, or you can choose to pay a per session fee.  Help doesn't have to be expensive.

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It's Convenient

Sessions are on your time and at your own pace. Communicate with your therapist as often as you and your therapist find appropriate and helpful. Sessions use secure video and can be done in the privacy of your home or other setting.

It's Private

All counselors are licensed, accredited professionals. Teletherapy Group allows you to connect with them in full privacy. Our video software is encrypted to ensure your privacy at all times.

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