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About Marriage Counseling

If you’re married, you know it’s not always easy. As time goes by, people continue to grow as individuals. Individuals enter into marriages with their own perspectives and set of experiences that can complement their partner, or in some cases, create strain on what could be a more enjoyable life together.Sometimes this growth is together and sometimes apart. Our goal is to help you and your partner identify ways to continue to grow together. Effective communication is a key aspect to how married couples operate in a healthy way. Allow our therapists to help navigate any difficulties you may be experiencing in your relationship. Our services also allow partners to do marriage therapy from separate locations in a shared virtual therapy room as schedules sometimes make it difficult to be in the same location at the same time. 


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Our therapists are trained to treat specific therapeutic issues. It is important for you to find the therapist that will work best for you and/or your family.  Please feel free to contact our business office at (269) 366-0650 to get scheduled today.