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Abbie VanDerWege, PhD

I view therapy as a collaborative process of identifying and working toward goals to enhance my clients’ fulfillment in their lives. I seek to understand and respect the diverse perspectives, experiences, and values of my clients, and I provide therapy using a cognitive behavioral approach rooted within the broader cultural context in which we live. I am motivated to pursue specialized training and have recently become a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional and Certified Mindfulness-Informed Clinician—Level 1. I also provide psychological testing for adults and children age 6 or older to assess for ADHD, learning disabilities, and other psychological issues.






Jeff Chicoski, LMSW

I view therapy as a collaborative process in which individuals have an opportunity to establish goals and develop realistic ways to achieve their goals. As a therapist, I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where individuals feel safe to explore their concerns and encouraged to build upon their strengths. I feel honored in the role of helping individuals work through difficult times and adjust to life's transitions as well as improve their life satisfaction and relationships with others.  I provide therapy services to clients of all ages dealing with issues of depression, anxiety, communication, strained relationships, anger, behavior, parenting, autism spectrum disorders, and life's transitions. As clinical director of Teletherapy Group, my goal is to find the right fit for you and your family.


Sarah Good, LPC, LMFT

I began my educational journey at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana where I studied Sociology and received a minor in Education Studies. Although my path began with a desire to be a teacher, I knew this was not where I would be able to help students in the capacity in which I believed I'd be best. Thus, my focus shifted to counseling as I attended Western Michigan University and studied Community Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy in the Counselor Education/Counseling Psychology department. Beyond graduation I have continued to increase my knowledge and skill set in the areas of trauma, relationships, and crisis management. In additional to these presentations, my scope of practice includes depression, anxiety, and self-esteem/self-improvement. Further, I have had specific training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Parent Management Training -- Oregon. It is my goal to continue increasing my knowledge base in the areas of trauma and relationships as these are areas about which I am passionate and, from my experience, are often found within the many different concerns for which clients come into my office.


Dr. Kelli Cummings, PhD, LPC, NCC

I have worked with adolescents and adults as a counselor and as an educator for more than 17 years. As a therapist, I use a holistic approach to wellness with an eclectic incorporation of many techniques in mental health and education. I believe in empowering clients in determining their best use of resources to overcome obstacles and achieving their overall wellness and potential. I enjoy working with clients who are in transition - end of a relationship, loss of employment, heading to college - to name a few. These are stressful times, and I partner with clients as they navigate these changes. I have extensive experience in career counseling and use of personality inventories (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) in developing better self-awareness, knowledge of skills and preferences, and development of communication skills. Successful therapy, in my opinion, is a collaboration between therapist and client. I blend experiences as an educator of adolescents and adults with mental health counseling. We all need to keep learning and growing, and I infuse this philosophy in my work. Life has taken me all over the U.S., from Pennsylvania to Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Washington, and now, Michigan.

Ashley Huffman, LLMSW, CAADC

My name is Ashley! I attended Western Michigan University. I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work and have minors in Psychology and Religion. At a young age, I knew I wanted to help others, and eventually my goal was to become a therapist. I graduated with my Master’s degree in 2015, and have been working as a therapist ever since. My approach to the therapy process is collaborative and goal-driven. Compassion is the solid foundation all my work is built upon. Therapy is a personalized journey. That being said, I approach each client as a whole person, and take into consideration their support system, resources, stage of life, readiness for change, history, life transitions, and identity. I use the most current evidence and research-based therapies when working with my clients. The key to successful outcomes is a trusting relationship between client and therapist. I believe that one should feel comfortable with their therapist and safe enough to begin working through whatever concern they would like to address in a non-judgmental environment. I primarily work with adults/young adults (18+). I have worked with addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD/trauma, bipolar disorder, coping skills, co-occurring/dual diagnosis, anger management, antisocial personality, borderline personality, life coaching, religion, marital/relationship concerns, chronic illness, relapse prevention, pregnancy/postpartum, codependency, substance abuse, self-esteem, self-harm, domestic abuse, stress, suicidal ideation, and infidelity to name a few. I look forward to helping you through your journey!


Amy Albertson, LPC

The therapeutic relationship is a professional bond between the client and the counselor. We all realize at some point that the ways we have chosen to cope with life may not be best, and we need to explore other ideas and techniques. Some of the techniques we will use to explore your life are: holistic (exercise, sleep, diet and job/career), psychodynamic (using your history to give some insight into where you are today), art therapy (using mediums of art to foster expression), motivational interviewing (working to elicit change in your life), cognitive behavioral (exploring the thoughts that drive your actions/reactions), and dialectal behavioral (using radical acceptance, emotional regulation, and mindfulness). This exploration will be a part of the working relationship of counseling. During our time together, I will not give answers, but listen, reflect what you are telling me, and help you to realize that you hold the answers you need within yourself. I graduated in 2017 with a Master of Arts, from the Counselor Education Counseling Psychology program at Western Michigan University, focusing on Clinical Mental Health.  My areas of interest include depression, anxiety, teen issues, women’s issues, relationships, personal exploration and growth, past physical, verbal, and sexual trauma, career explorations, LGBTQ, men’s issues, self-esteem, and self-harming behaviors.


Samantha Sanders, MA, LLMFT

In 2012, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The University of San Diego. I received my Master’s degree, in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University and I provide therapy services with a limited license in Marriage and Family therapy. I am part of a blended family, so I have a passion for working with families experiencing similar circumstances. A blended family is like throwing a bunch of puzzle pieces together. My goal is to help those pieces fit together. I also enjoy helping individuals with other relationship and marriage issues. In my opinion, a marriage is built on choosing each other every day. It’s easy to lose sight of that, and my hope is to help people grow together.


Julie Sorenson, LPC

I believe that counseling helps you to discover who you are, and who you want to become. As a counselor, I will assist you, your family, your children to explore through life challenges. I will help you find which self-care techniques work best for you as an individual. Together we will discover what your success looks like and how to find the path that feels comfortable for you to get there.

I have worked with individuals and families in a variety of settings for more than 10 years using various treatment models that promote individual strengths.

I have worked with children, adolescents, and families in different stages of their lives. I have assisted people with their own personal or family struggle, mental health diagnosis, life adjustment, from college to that empty nest, career, marriage, divorce, grief/loss, critical incident and stress management,  anxiety; depression; suicide idealization, self-esteem, gender identity, cognitive issues struggle in school and academics, organization, time management, having to stop playing a sport before you are ready, concussions and how it affects the family as well as the individual, and relationships struggles.

My style is eclectic based on what you may present to me. I use a variety of treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Motivational Interviewing and Brief Solution-Focused Therapy. I encourage all my clients to explore self-care techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and stress management. Together we can build upon your strengths to take on barriers or boundaries that may prevent you from reaching your goals. Determining which goals are right for you can range from but not exclusive to coping with daily stressors, working with youth with behavioral issues, positive behavioral therapy,  anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and much more.

I believe that every person can benefit from a therapeutic process.