Everyone has a different journey and it's okay!

Author: Dr. Julie. Sorenson, DMFT, MA, LPC

Career transitions can offer you new opportunities!

Everyone has a different journey

Career transitions can happen at any age. You are always young enough to shift your sails and start a new journey. I have spoken to many discouraged people because their journey may differ from their friends or peers. Other people feel stuck and say they feel too old to change careers. It is okay if your journey differs from others; remember, it is your life, and no one is walking in your shoes. You may be happy in your career and won't feel challenged. You may need to feel more appreciated and valued by your corporation. Whatever your reason, you get to choose your next steps; after all, you are the captain of your ship.

 In my career, I have transitioned through many industries. I started as a retail, cosmetology, management, salon owner, teacher, adjunct professor, behavior interventionist, school counselor, outpatient therapist, and author. Some people stay in the same role or move up within their company. Others may go back to college or trade school. You can take many career assessments if you are considering a career change.


Reasons Why People Choose a Career Transition


During the heart of Covid, many people re-evaluated their careers and did self-exploration. There are numerous reasons why people leave their current position or industry. Taking time to self-reflect is important when looking at career change. Are you happy? You spend most of your time at work, and being passionate about what you do is crucial to assist in a healthy, well-rounded life. Even people happy with their careers will have bad days, but determining if this career is still working for you is vital to your overall mental health. Take time to reflect on your career goals. Do they still work for you? Do you need to add additional career goals? Do you want to work remotely or in an office? Are you looking for a company with better working conditions? Do you need to enhance your salary? Are you working up to your potential? Whatever your reason, find your why and consider possibilities for career transitions.

Searching for a New Career

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Your possibilities are endless. You get to determine where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you want to get on your career path. Every job has endless possibilities. Find people you admire and surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed. Using your strengths to enhance your role, whatever it may be. Look at the possibilities and new opportunities. What things do you want to change, and what needs to change? Develop a vision of a new role, find your mentors, and ask for guidance. The book What Color is Your Parachute is a good read and may give your insight into understanding yourself as you reflect on possible career transitions.

Things to Consider When Searching for a New Career Path

When you have decided it is time for you to look for a new path or start a new journey, you must consider certain things before making a big jump. Take some time, self-reflect, write a pros and cons list, and decide what is important to you in your next journey.

Consider the following:

  • Look at your definition of success. Determine what makes you feel successful in choosing a career.
  • Do you need an office space, a computer where you can work from anywhere?
  • Look at how this next step will affect your emotional well-being and your financial budget. Talk to a financial adviser to determine if your career move fits your current budget.
  • Downsizing might not be what your financial health wants, but it may allow you to upgrade your mental and personal wellness.
  • Think about sleepless nights. Is your current position affecting your sleep? Would your new position allow you to have a better night's sleep?
  • Think about what you are giving up when leaving your position. Are you giving up leadership, benefits, and salary? What would you be gaining? Would you gain freedom, less stress, and more appreciation? Remember, if the things you give up will create less chaos and more peace, it may be best for your health.
  • How is your physical health? Are you having more physical stress because of work stress? Is your career worth an unhealthy lifestyle?
  • Are you your own worst critic? Are you not looking at opportunities because you don't believe anyone would hire you? It is essential to recognize your worth and shift your mindset. You have something to offer; any company would be lucky to have you as a team member.

Your Success is Your Own

Often, people will share with me they would like to switch careers, but they worry about what others will think. 

Some people view their success as what others view as success. However, your success is that of your own. No one can measure your success but you. What may look successful to one person may differ from what someone else considers successful. Money doesn't always equal success. Success is feeling happy, prideful, and passionate about your work. Success is feeling your ideas and opinions matter; you can use your voice because you feel a sense of success. Success is accomplishing your dreams, not the dreams of others. Live your best life and choose a career that makes you happy. Don't stay somewhere because you feel stuck.





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