Finding Your Tribe in a Lonely World

Building a Support System is Important

Author: Dr. Julie. Sorenson, DMFT, MA, LPC

Life is getting back to normal post-pandemic. However, the pandemic has taken a lot out of many people, and it's essential to find your tribe, which isn't always easy to do. Building a deep community allows you to have deeper connections with those around you, where you can feel free of judgment and full of acceptance. My work as a Dr. of Marriage and Family therapy, outpatient therapist, school counselor, behavior interventionist, adjunct professor, and coordinator for CISM (critical incident stress management) has brought me to the understanding when natural disasters, school shootings, or significant traumatic events occur; it can take several years for people to reach out for help and process their traumatic event. COVID lasted many years, and we are seeing the impact many people have due to the effects of COVID-19.


The loneliness Epidemic results from people being isolated for months at a time and having to use creative ways to stay in touch with loved ones. Despite the advancement in technology and the ability to speak to people in the virtual world, it is important to recognize the need for genuine human connection. Finding your tribe allows you to enjoy fulfillment that encompasses meaningful connections that can sometimes be lost in a digital world.


While technology can allow us to connect globally, fostering tangible connections can be done when you prioritize the importance of proximity. Finding people who live geographically close to you is more likely to be more available for in-person interactions, which fosters deeper tangible connections—recognizing the importance of maintaining relationships where you can be vulnerable and authentic while sharing your true self. Embracing the strengths and vulnerabilities of others helps in fostering these deep connections within a person's human interactions, allowing you to receive and give physical touch.


There are ingredients to friendships; you need to take time for self-discovery to identify what role you want to take in the friendships you cultivate. Self-reflection allows you to be familiar with the desires you seek within your friendships. Seeking individuals who compliment you and support you can assist in eliminating the loneliness you may currently be experiencing. Building friendships can take work on both peoples's part, and it is essential to look for qualities such as these to enhance long-lasting relationships:

  • Protection of each other's feelings
  • Safe spaces to feel vulnerable.
  • Judgement free zone
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Ability to use "I" messages and paraphrase during conflict.
  • Healthy communications
  • A common interest in activities
  • Effort
  • Being intentional

Finding your tribe isn't always easy, but neither is feeling alone. Look for opportunities to meet people, like seeing a club, creating a club, golf leagues, sports, mom's groups, dad's groups, churches, work functions, gyms, and meetup Kalamazoo. Seeking relationships enriches lives when you find the tribe that encourages you to be authentic without judgment.

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